Untitled Friday Progress

I had most of today to work on Untitled, and work I did. I revised all of the menu boxes, the white backgrounds, to add a little more flare to them. I took corners out of some, and all of them are stroked with a solid white border.

I also worked on scaling and positioning of the menus. Before when you pushed the maximize button, the windows and text would stay at the same location. Now they move to the locations the should be in. The image below shows this, the How to play text is no positions at the center of the window regardless of the size. The GUI is also always in the bottom left corner.

I continued work on the new menu as well, and completed most of the work needed. Now when you download untitled there won’t be a username set, when you run the game there will be a welcome message/ getting started. The Graphical User Interface button has also been changed to a toggle text switch. Two new options have been added; Leaderboard Display (to change if you see just your difficulty, or one of each) and Leaderboard Submittion [Automatic, or Push to Submit] As you can see the logo for All Around Games is now present.

So what is left to do you wonder. The Leaderboard button is still empty, and the existing in game leaderboard has yet to be updated. I plan to work on leaderboards over the rest of the weekend. I am still not sure how to approach the leaderboard on the main page. An idea that occurred to me tonight is to make the main menu leaderboard separate from the other in game menu, and have it display just the username, score, and difficulty. I would use some kind of temporary file, so the client could download an infinite number of pages (10 at a time). I’m not sure of this message before it mean you will be downloading some of the same data twice. Once with just name, score, difficulty, and once with all of the world generation data. The question that I have to answer is does it matter.


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