Ludum Dare 23 is over, Through the Blue Sea is finished.

This isn’t a Postmortem post, but I wanted to post a wrap up of my experience this Ludum Dare.

I went to a car show Friday Night, just before Ludum Dare started, I figured it would give me a chance to brainstorm before I even had a computer in front of me. Then the theme was announced, and of all the theme it could have been it was the one I liked the least. The theme to me just inspired you to create a Tiny World that was copied out of Dragon Ball Z. I struggled with an idea that wasn’t to typical

The first idea, that was abandoned quickly was to use the Build It, Then Use It theme mixed with Tiny World. You would have customized a  huge gun turret and had to come in under budget to score higher. Then you would just blow up a Tiny Planet. I thought the idea was to simple, and I hadn’t made anything for it at that point so I ditched it.

The idea for Through the Blue Sea was to make a quick and simple platformer that used the minimalism theme, overall I am happy with it, here are some screenshots if you haven’t seen it yet.

Main Menu

Tiny Green Planet gameplay

You can read my post made during the event, and see the progression at my Ludum Dare author page. I will be playing two five games each night, and at the end of the week I will post a list of the games that I played. I want to be consistent this time, rather than play a bunch at the end of the voting period.

You can view and rate my entry here.

I will also be posting timelapse and gameplay videos soon.

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