Ludum Dare 23 – Week 1 Games

This is a list of all of the games I played during the first week of rating. On Sunday I planned to just play two games per night, but Monday decided that I should do five per night, that way I will have slightly over 100 games at the end of the rating period, yet still be consistent in rating games each night.


T-Pod by Spiridos – First Ludum Dare 23 game I have played. A defend the tiny planet game, complete with sound, music, and how to play text. Its a bit on the hard side.

Urth Defense By Kylerhoades– This is a tiny game, about defending a tiny planet, from tiny nuclear missiles, while being inside a tiny ship.


Tiny World Defense Force by Beanalby – This is one of the games that stand out so far. In the game, you defend a large planet…by controlling a tiny planet. The game is a well rounded and complete entry.

When Worlds Collide by AlwaysGeeky – A voxel style game featuring a tiny planet that you goal is to destroy. You can fire asteroids at it, send comets crashing into it, or vaporize the surface, and to destroy the planet within the time limit you will have to use all three.

Creature Collect by Moop – A retrieve and deliver game set in space. You have to collect creatures form tiny planets and take them to a merchant.

Genesis by Tyruspeace – This is a game about guarding plants from buzzsaw robots, on a tiny hexagon grid planet.

Gravity by RÉMI– A really cool take on the theme, that has to making the background music, while defending your tiny world. Very well done entry.


Escape By Chrismcr – This game has you on a mission to collect a number of resources, deliver them back to the starship, and then leave the planet all before your time runs out. No sounds or music, but the gameplay and graphics are solid.

Homedefender by Hopps – A defend the planet game, you use a turret that is mounted to a tiny planet to destroy incoming missiles.

Stade 2 (Mr. Oizo) by 30Dogs – An abstract music platformer, that you have to get the correct timing, and quickly respond. A really cool game, looks great and the music fits really well.

The Tiny World of Fiorella by Strega – A cool rouge-like adventure game, the art and music are great.

Pro Stew Chugger by Tourgen– A shooter game with multiple rooms and doors that link back to each other.


Microbial By Lukrissacher – The first puzzle game I have played. Set at a cellular/ microscopic setting. The game is complete, and has fourty levels.

Tiny World Adventure by Pabloam – A 2D adventure game, you play a cell with the goial of reaching the end of the tiny world.

World Pong by Poohshoes – An interesting interpretation on the theme, that has you playing pong by yourself. Lacks in the gameplay department.

Invasion of the Planet Snatchers! by icefox – Another interesting idea, but lacks in the actual gameplay department.  Has sounds and a solid game idea.

Celluloid2D by Vertebro– An Asteroids style game played at a microscopic scale. Overall a solid game. I found it interesting that it was written in AutoIt3.

Thursday: (Web Game Day…aka being lazy)

Ant Surf Hero: The Surfening by Jigxor – A platform game that has you kicking ass and taking names, while surfing an ant that is larger than you.

Magic House By Vitou3d – A 3D puzzle game that you shrink or grow to complete the room.

Balance by Hadesfury – A 3D game set on a tiny world, you control a ball, and have to herd creatures to the middle point.

Spittoon by Sestren – A 2d puzzle game, using three colors you have to activate colored switches by spitting the colors at them. Lack sound effects and music, but is otherwise a really nice game.

Pet Planet by BMouse– A gameish simulation that has you taking care of a tiny planet.


Nook by POV – A platformer game, that you play a lizard that grows and shrinks to complete the level.

LittlePlanetBigRocket by daredevildave – A puzzle game set on a tiny planet, you are in control of a space faring being, and must escape the planet within the time limit.

A Load of Bulls… by Frib – A 3D survival game, that you have to survive bulls coming after you for as long as possible.

Nineties Holywood Hacker by Casino Jack – A 2D maze like game that you build a maze, using an interface like a pipes game, connecting a start to an end, then you have to fly a ship through it and defeat firewall enemies. When you finish a level you can upgrade your ship with damage, and buy more health. Overall its a good idea, and for a game made in 48 hours its quite good.

The Green Planet by Munch– A 2D score game, that you gain score by forcing the asteroids into Jupiter and picking up the chunks that flake off.


Nano Ascension by MikeLovesRobots3 – A 3D puzzle game, a very good entry that is complete with voice acting, sound effects, music, and a storyline.

Haxe Planets By jrfoco – A 2D platformer game created in Haxe, you have to guide your character to the end of the level, but the only control you have is jump.

Men Not Wearing Hats by Nilstastic – A 2D platformer game, that you have to steal diamonds from the men not wearing hats, without getting caught.

Rocket Boat by Rhy3756547 – A 2D platformer? (kinda) that you control a boat set on a tiny world, and your goal is to destroy the city.

Tiny Defenders by Raptor85 – A tower defense game, you play ant defending their colony, against other ants. There are three tower types, and they can be upgraded.

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