Midweek Update on Ythmeven

This weekend I doubt I will have much time to work on Ythmeven, so I though I would post an update early.

The teaser website is up, with the backgrounds that I mentioned. There are eight that you can choose from. You can also check out the Indie DB page, that was authorized and has a few render of Aurora not seen elsewhere. Speaking of Aurora here is another render for the blog.

I have turns for the most part implemented, they are subtracted when you gather resources, dock, and trade. This turn is then put into one of the following ratings; Efficiency Rating, Maneuverability Rating, Barter Rating. These ratings will determine how much of a bonus you get. Say your buy price is 20, the bonus would be 10, then if your rating for barter was .5 you would get 5 bonus making your price 15.

The boring stuff was also taken care of, there is a list of online players, that shows players active in the past 15 minutes. The mail system is also mostly finished.

I’ll be working on ships this next week/this weekend. I need to decide how many modules, and what modules will be available. A module will grant an ability to the ship, for example if you want to gather resources you will need a module. There will also be a module to jump to a coordinate in any system (otherwise you have to go to a gate and through another system to move around) The last module that I know will be added is a cargo capacity module, that will double the cargo capacity on the ship. The most module a ship will have is five, and the fewest will be one. The intention is to make you pick what you want on each ship. I also would like to figure out what weapons will be available.

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