Ludum Dare 23 – Week 2 Games


Lilac.27 by oddgoo – A 3D platformer game with 2D character and enemies, and really nice graphics overall.

Space Bear by madflame991 – A 2D game in space, you play a giant bear head, and have to recover stars to save the tiny planet earth.

Mini Marauders! by xBlinkedx – A 2D game that you try to avoid Marauders while pillaging gold.

Tiny Shards by Gabriel – A 2D platformer game, that is complete with music, sound, multiple weapons, and a story.

Quarky by sythe – A 2D puzzle game, you have to collect the key, while avoiding the enemy then go into the portal. You can place bombs to destroy blocks in your way.


Tiny Squareheads by Indyo – A platform game, with sounds, music, and a story about opening strawberry jam.

Tiny Robot Island by Blanky – An Adventure game, trade with other NPC’s and get rich.

Mini-Worlds and Monocles by Zed – A platform game, that you collect all of the pickups, while avoiding the monsters. A feature complete game.

My Kid Dropped The Planet by MadGnomeGamer – A puzzle game, that your slingshot a planet around bouncing it off objects to reach a goal pot.

48 hour MMO by mikolalysenko – Its a working MMOish game, played in the web browser, kill rats, then players.


Cloud Realm by Hempuli – A game about a floating cloud world, and a boss attacking said world. You have to fight off the boss.

Backyard Pirates by bompo – Arggghhhh! (3D game)

A day in your Life by superstu – A game about survival on a tiny world.

Alien Punch! by dcolgan – A defend the planet type game.

Hamster Bowling by tfendall – Help the hamster bowl by drying his hands.


Nobody by Yapikom – A platformer about rescuing your sheep.

Tiny Drop by Lobster Games – a platform game, you play a droplet.

Space Bees Attack! by Dylan McCall – A mix of Cover Orange and Tetris, sadly marred by technical issues.

Tiny Maze by LeReveur – A platformer maze game.

World Panic! by raarlac – A no weapon bullet hell game.


SAVE YOUR FOLKS! by ilikescifi – Destroy the building, without killing the people…unless they are already dead in that case, kill them again.

Astrosurf by Jimjam – A 3D game that your guide your planet to the wormhole.

Ant Slayer by Kharza – A 3D first person shooter, you versus the ants. A short, but mostly complete game, with sound effects, music, multiple weapons, only thing lacking is more levels.

Life in jar by Ghostik – A 3D strategy game, you don’t have direct control over any character, but you assign them jobs to carry out. A feature complete entry.

World In A Bottle by Serilyn – A strategy game, you plant a world, and keep it balanced.


Micro World by Oye Beto – This is a score based game with mouse controls, more the Micro SD card around and gather data. Its a short but solid entry, that has a great background song.

Children of DiscoDroid by Per – Defeat the boss, by using dancing robots to attack him.

Shrink-O-Matic 9000 by GameNacho – A platformer game, shrink a block to go through, and avoid hitting other blocks.

Invasion Of Tiny World by gregdevice – A platform game, that you control a mech and stomp on tanks and cities. All controled by the mouse.

Tiny Whirled Piece by Martoon – A puzzle game that you have to align and lock in on an object, match it speed. all before you crash into it. a complete entry with music and sound.


Planetship by s0ulcrusher – A space game, you control a tiny colony ship, with the task of keeping them alive, not running out of fuel, and finding a new planet. 3D game complete with sound and music.

Zombie Fish by Ethanh59 – You play as the Zombie fish, with the goal of eating all of the other fish.

We Fall Again by komradus – I never found the game, just a ladder. it looks nice, and sounds ok, just doesn’t do anything

WaterdropWorld by barigorokarl – A neat platform game, you need to gather resources to return to the clouds, before you hit the ground.

TMORPG by goffmog – a MMORPG type game, played in the browser. it has combat and works, but lacks content.

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